It Is Immoral For Govt To Fund Political Parties-PeP

Sean Enock Tembo says it is immoral for government to fund  political parties in the midst of economic challenges.

Appearing on a UNZA Radio program dubbed ‘the Lusaka star’, Tembo said funding of political parties is a good initiative but that the timing is wrong.

He said funding political parties should be done at an appropriate time when the economy has fully recovered.

“From where we stand right now, you must realize that Zambia is poor country. The government cannot even afford to pay salaries consistently. As we speak right now, the Zampost employees are protesting for not been paid for three months. UNZA(University of Zambia) lecturers have to protest to get their salaries. We are a poor country.

So as a poor country, let us use our resources prudently. You can’t fund political parties when the economy is on its knees. It defeats the all purpose,” he lamented.

And Tembo said funding should not be given to the ruling  and largest opposition parties because they already have financial muscle.

He said funding should only be extended to ‘small’ political parties so that they can operate effectively for democracy to thrive.

Tembo, however, said funding to small political should be done only to those that mobilize a certain number of supporters to avoid mushrooming of political parties.

Meanwhile, Tembo said PeP will reject the Political Party Bill(PPB) if it does not meet the aspiration of all stakeholders involved.

He said if the PPB is seen to champion the cause of the ruling party, PeP will reject it with the full force it deserves.

“The political parties cannot be regulated by the ruling party that makes government. We have always advocated for the autonomous body to regulate political parties but in its current state, the bill has not achieved this goal. The President is the one that will be appointing  the board of political parties so obviously that board will not look at the interest of opposition political parties involved.

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