Donnie McClurkin implores Zambian musicians to live Godly life

Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin

Visiting Renowned American Gospel Musicians Donnie McClurkin has implored Zambian gospel musicians to live a Godly life.

Mr. McClurkin tells QTV that it is not only prudent that Zambian artists showcase their talent in music, but live an exemplary life which pleases God.

Mr. McClurkin, who is in the country to minister  and perform at woodlands stadium this afternoon, has said he is eager to interact and learn from Zambian Musicians.

He says he hasn’t taken time to listen to Zambian Music, but will do so as he ministers , because that way; he gets to experience new music genres.

He adds that he is proud to be in the country, which is a Christian nation but won’t dictate how people in a Christian community ought to live .

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