Katuka Vents Anger On SADC…It Is A Weak Institution

United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Steven Katuka says  Southern African Development Community(SADC) is a toothless bull that has allowed dictatorship to reign among its member states.

Katuka said in an interview that it is surprising that SADC has not rebuked President Edgar Lungu for the break down of rule and law in the country.

He said it had to take Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland and the Catholic Church  to intervene in the tension and initiate the process of dialogue between the two rival political parties.

He wondered where SADC is, when one  of its member states is violating  human rights with impunity.

“We have to thank madam Scotland. But this shows you how we are weak as a region… how we are weak as a continent. Have you seen SADC comment about the tension in the country ? They must be ashamed of themselves. It had to take madam Scotland to realize that there was nothing that was being done and intervened by talking to both Lungu and HH. Have you seen any SADC leader come to visit HH in prison? Have you seen any SADC leader come to talk to Edgar Lungu to end this tension. If this tension is not stopped and there is fire in the country, it will spill over to other SADC states. So they cannot ignore our problems here,” Katuka said.

He praised the Catholic Church and the Commonwealth for spearheading the reconciliation process between Hichilema and President Lungu.

” We thank the Catholic Church led by Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu for initiating the reconciliation process of these people. When it was just starting someone said tension is only in the heads of Catholics. Now does it mean tension is in Patricia’s head? Otherwise, we thank her  and pray that what they have initiated will bear fruits,” Katuka said.

He said when there is tension in the country there must be someone who plays the role of arbitration.

” …But in African, all we know is corruption. That is why US President Donald Trump said give Africans money they will start killing each other. Or give an African money he will marry 10 wives,” the UPND Secretary General regretted.

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