I Will Teach PF A Lesson-Kambwili…If A By-Election In Roan Is Caused

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has hit back at the Patriotic Front(PF), saying he will teach them a lesson in an event a by election is caused.

Kambwili wondered why  the ruling party is saying he is not a factor when they are having sleepless nights about his growing popularity.

He said his name has been made popular by the state owned publication that include Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, ZNBC and Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation because the top PF leadership is in panicking mood.

“Look at how they have been panicking. For the past one week they have been panicking like rats.

It is like a mad man, when you go to town and find  a mad man and you tell him that you are a mad person, he will tell you that  you are the one who is mad,” Kambwili said, adding that he was prepared for the worst.

“Let them continue deceiving themselves. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet. But if there will be a by- election, will cross the bridge when we get to the river and the people of Zambia will know whether  I am a factor or not. But I can tell you they are panicking. Today in the Daily Nation, 10 stories about Chishimba Kambwili,” he wondered.

Briefing the Press, Patriotic Front(PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila said Kambwili should withdraw his court action so that the defends his seat.

Mwila wondered why Kambwili has went to court to challenge his expulsion if he can easily return his seat owing to his popularity.

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