SHAME ON DSTV: Look At What They Are Showing Our Kids!

Few weeks ago Tumfweko reported about DSTV showing gay cartoons on kids channels and they have gone an extra mile  by showing kids p0rn.

Dear Editor,

As a father, as a pastor, as a brother, as an uncle, as a Zambian, to my beloved Zambia and to the world, my daughter (Zoe) is 4 months 20 days today. I write this with her in mind( I have no apologies),there is a saying that when good men do nothing they do wrong, I refuse to sit here and pretend that there is no attack on the next generation and that attack is by raising a morally corrupt generation,

Today cartoons have breasts, cartoons are homosexual, the language is uncensored and before we know it television will destroy the future and right under our is the responsibility of all well meaning Zambians to stand and say an unapologetic NO.  What audacity, what tenacity would a service provider show such obscenity to toddlers?

Zambia my country let DSTV know that we will not stand aside and watch, fight for the voiceless the little angels that will never know sanity if we leave this unaddressed. How should we put parental guidance on cartoons its unacceptable. Let movie producers know from Zambia to the world NO.

DSTV SHOULD APOLOGIZE AND COMMIT TO NEVER ALLOWING SUCH OBSCENITY BE SHOWN ON OUR SCREENS. Share all around don’t wait until its too late. Please Share. Please share

Responsible dad and Zambian citizen

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