Saunders defends Chishimba…You Can’t Use Diplomatic Language To The PF Regime

You can’t use diplomatic language when you are dealing with the PF/MMD regime because they do not easily listen to advise, Political Activist Dante Saunders has observed.

Guns have been directed  at United Progressive People(UPP) president Dr. Saviuor Chishimba for his use of derogative language when addressing the Presidency, the situation that put him behind  bars last week.

Some stakeholders are concerned that Dr Chishimba goes out of the way and start insulting the establishment of President Edgar Lungu, making his points irrelevant.

But when reached for a comment, Saunders said Dr Chishimba is one kind of a leader who calls a spade a spade, which he said is good in the corrupt ridden world.

The Governance Activist said it is not easy for one to use diplomacy when giving checks and balances to the Patriotic Front(PF)Government because of the hard heartedness of the top leadership.

“I never listened to the all speech but I know Saviuor as a man who calls a spade a spade. Today in Zambia the situation is that you use diplomacy… but does MMD know what diplomacy is? Does PF knows what  diplomacy is? So I suppose for some people to put a point across they need to use alternatives. But the bottom line is from what was reported I didn’t see anything out of the way,” Saunders said.

He regretted that President Lungu is unlike his late predecessors who used to tolerate divergent views.

“We used to say much worse words to  Michael Sata, Levy Mwanawasa and Frederick  Chiluba may there soul rest internal peace and we only used to get phone calls from them. In my case, they used to phone me to tell me what they liked and what they didn’t like and that was it,” Saunders said.

He said it is fear of losing power that makes the administration of President Lungu  fear the unknown.

“There is no question about that. There is fear in this MMD/PF regime and it is this fear that drives them  so much that they can’t even sleep. They fear of losing grip of Government.What are they afraid of?

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that something is not right,” Saunders noted.

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