Mwaliteta’s Acquittal Proves that Judiciary is Independent-Zambian DNA

The Zambian DNA says the acquittal of former Patriotic Front(PF) Kafue Member of Parliament Obvious Mwaliteta has shamed critics who say the judiciary operates under pressure from politicians.

Speaking in an interview, Zambian DNA Spokesman Spuky  Mulemwa said the acquittal of Mwaliteta who is a staunch United Party for National Development (UPND) supporter has demonstrated the independence of the judiciary.

Mulemwa claimed that the Zambian courts are not controlled by politicians because the roles of the three arms of Government are well defined.

“The acquittal of Hon Mwaliteta has proved that the judiciary is free from political interference. They do not take orders from the politicians. There were these accusations in the past that Government officials manipulate judges on how the judiciary should proceed with  cases but that is not true,” Mulemwa said.

He said accusations that President Lungu is using State institutions to punish his political rivals are not true.

“As Zambian DNA, we are on record saying  it was wrong to point fingers at Government that they manipulate judges to pass this and that judgment,” Mulemwa said.

Mwaliteta and other UPND supporters were  nabbed and charged with aggravated robbery when they attempted to intercept a vehicle that was allegedly carrying marked ballot papers on the voting day of the 2016 general  elections.

They have been acquitted after a year in incarceration.

Mulemwa  added that  Government is not interfering in the treason case of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and others.

He said if Hichilema and his co- accused are innocent, then they will walk to freedom.

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