Corruption At ZNBS Chingola Branch EXPOSED, Officers Involved Named

Kindly post this for the people of Chingola so that Zambaian can know the corruption going on at Zambia Nation Building Society Chingola branch.
Zambia National Building Society is one of the best govt banks with the lowest interest rates on long terms loans,building material loans ,salary advance etc.I have and many have noted the corruption with displeasure involving the loan a officer (Sitwala) and another gentleman a bank clerk (Charles).
*According to the bank policy ,upon submission of salary advance application form it take a day to approve and on the second day the money is ready- 2 days.The loan office has a list of client who pay him a k100 for a quicker approval of the advance.If you don’t have anything to give ,your salary advance will take nearly 3 weeks
*According to the bank policy on loans,Once a loan application form is submitted will all requirements it only takes 2 weeks Maximum for the loan to be out. As of today a loan is taking nearly two to three months to approve for those who don’t have a bribe. The loan officer(sitwala)will keep postponing the day to collect the loan in the end one will succumb the idea of producing a bribe. If one has a bribe it taken even 3 three days. is this right sure?
*Today getting a salary advance application form will take three to four days if you keep on frequenting the bank the bank clerk ( charles) will ask if you need the application form urgently then will ask you to produce a K20 ,when the forms are free of charge. This happens in full view of every one.
* Monthend salaries its another sad story. The bank is usually congested during pay days.If one does not want to be in a queue ,they’ll simply give their NRCs together with the withdraw slip to the guard or the clerk (Charles) and then money will be withdrawn through the back door,all this at a fee of k100 which goes into their pockets. There is no professionalism in the bank at all.
The manager is new and she probably doesn’t know what is happening.Ba tumfweko please please please post for the headquarter to know. Let the DEC and the anti corruption sort out this issue.

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