Jalila Disappointed With Villagers Practicing Witchcraft On Civil Servants

Chikanta Community Schools Development Project (CCSDP) has urged parents in rural areas to support Government’s efforts in providing education for their children.

Speaking during a meeting with community teachers last Friday in Choma, CCSDP Chairperson Bright Jalila expressed disappointment at the behaviour of some residents in rural areas who are reportedly practicing black magic on civil servants in villages.

Jalila has since called for a rapport between the civil servants and community members so that development can be taken to all parts of the country.

And speaking earlier, Lubwe community school teacher Philemon Habuka revealed that parents refuse to pay school fees for their children and this has led to lack of infrastructure development at the school.

Habuka disclosed that the school is currently being run by two Grade 12 certificate holders who are also struggling as they are using their own resources to buy learning materials for the pupils due to insufficient supply from the DEBS Office.

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