CSPR observes need to hold govt officials accountable

Tommy Singongi

Tommy Singongi

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has observed that the country lacks legal frameworks to hold government officials accountable for failing to execute government projects which are given huge chunks of budgetary allocations.

CSPR Resource governance coordinator Tommy Singongi tells QTV news that there is need to enhance the county’s legal framework especially on laws that enforce punitive measures on government officials who misappropriate funds meant for certain sectors of the economy.

Mr Singongi says this is in view of instances where some ministers have in the recent past failed to execute projects that have been given budgetary allocations, without facing any punitive measures.

He says the enhancement of the legal framework that punishes such government officials should be backed by policy and law reforms as well as political will.

And Mr. Singongi says there is need for a resource allocation framework to all ministries that pushes the country’s expenditure towards the Seventh National Development Plan.

He states that the structured allocation framework will also ensure that resources are allocated to the most essential areas of the economy.


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