Police brutality and impunity laid bare

Please help me to post…..POLICE OFFICERS AT CHAWAMA POLICE STATION IN LUSAKA did this to my brother in law….does the Law of Zambia allow beating of people who have been caught late at night for Shishita and even having a genuine reason for being out late??… I knOw here are police women and I would love to find out frOm them if at all the Law allows doin this to a Citizen of this Nation….My brother in law was beaten almost to death by Four Police Officers Last Nig ht here in CHAWAMA TOWNSHIP IN LUSAKA ….After being beat up he was left outside in the cold and showered with cold water very late at night he begged to be taken to Chawama clinic bUt they refused…what if he had died??? …my Niece and Nephew would have lost their Father, My sister would have become a widow his mother would have lost her First born Son and his siblings would have lost their Brother and Father they never had….please help me by sharing this post to stop POLICE BRUTALITY IN ZAMBIA

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