Hold elected leaders accountable – EL

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has urged citizens to hold elected officials accountable on Government pronouncements.
Mr Lungu said citizens had a duty to remind their elected officials such as members of Parliament (MPs) on the various promises by the Government.
The President said it was unfortunate that people allowed their MPs and councillors to ignore their pledges and waited to vote them out during an election.
The Head of State said this in Mbala when he addressed residents at the Umutomolo traditional ceremony at the weekend.
Mr Lungu said citizens should also constantly monitor the Government officials in charge of various assignments to curb corruption.



“Pople just look away and say we will punish them by voting them out, but in the mean time, they are not receiving a service. As citizens you have the right to question your MP and find out the progress of a project,” President Lungu said.
Mr Lungu said the implementation of projects such as road works he announced should be monitored by the people.
He said the MPs and Cabinet ministers should also not leave the burden to provide services to the Head of State alone, but should carry the responsibility.
Mr Lungu said he would not tolerate incompetent ministers and he would fire them first before the people penalised him at the next general elections by not voting for the Patriotic Front (PF).
President Lungu said the public should also give the party time to deliver its promises because so far, it had only been in power for six years, while the previous governments were in power for 27 and 20 years each.
Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged farmers to insist on the selling price of maize and not sell at a loss.
Mr Lungu said the nation would soon be informed on the Food Reserve A

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