The Mufulira Wanderers case: The buck stops at Mopani Copper Mine

Dear Editor,

I present this article to the public with so much regret. This deep
regret emanates from the fact that I and my fellow supporters of
Mufulira Wanderers did not expect to be channeling our energies
towards issues of maladministration at the Club at such a time as this
especially that we returned to the Super League with a good
performance in 2015. Our expectations were that in 2017 going forward,
we were going to be focusing our energies to building on our good run
in 2015 but alas. We have now taken a huge backward leap thereby
crashing our spirits. Last year, the team survived relegation having
undergone a torrid season that saw 4 different coaches lead the
technical bench. At the end of the season, the club lost 6 first team
players without adequate replacements.

Did we see this coming! Well, the answer is yes, and we cautioned the
main sponsors of the club, Mopani Copper Mines through our engagements
as supporters on the possible implications if appropriate action was
not taken. It was very clear to everyone knowledgeable about the
inside information at Shinde Stadium that the Club Executive Committee
assembled at the club had limited competences to steer this great club
to higher heights and sustain it. They did well to facilitate the
promotion of the club to the Super League in 2014 but then came a new
challenge in 2015 and beyond. The running of a club in the Super
League especially a big one such as Mufulira Wanderers requires a very
proactive, robust, and business minded Exco. The truth of the matter
is that these attributes are not there in the Wanderers Exco. The
continuous dependency on the monthly grant from Mopani cannot take the
club anywhere. The Exco have always been advised to think outside the
box and bring business partners on board among other things. But as
earlier stated, if the attributes of entrepreneurship are not in
someone, there is nothing that can be done.

Futhermore, this incompetency goes to the extent of failure to
effectively coordinate simple administrative procedures such as timely
acquisition and registration of players, travel logistics, failure to
hold an Annual General Meeting which was a huge club constitutional
breach and so on. This is grave!

In our engagements with Mopani, we expressed these concerns and
received affirmations that changes would be made to the Club Exco. For
your own information, Mopani appoints the Club Chairperson, Secretary,
Treasurer and 2 Committee Members. Those are key positions at the club
and therefore, if the main sponsors do not streamline in that area,
the club will not grow. And by the way, the club has so far recorded
two heavy losses after the season opening i.e 3-0 and 4-1 to Green
Buffaloes and City of Lusaka respectively.

As a main sponsor of the club who put in so much money in the club, I
expect that they would want their investment to have a good return. A
successful Mufulira Wanderers Football Club will enhance the
mileage/image of Mopani Copper Mines to a very large extent.

In concluding, I wish to make an earnest appeal to Mopani to appoint
competent personnel to the club Exco who will meet the challenges of
running a Super League Club. We need Mopani and we appreciate their
contribution to the club but just this one call! Please!

I expect action NOW!

Mpaka Litente! Maite Awina Ichungulo! Mwankole aisa!

Wesley K. Mutembo Jnr
Mufulira Wanderers FC Die-Hard Supporter

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