Lungu Warns Over Fires, How Can A person Who Wants Leadership Set Ablaze A Market?

PRESIDENT Lungu says Government is studying the sporadic outbreak of fires in some parts of the country and will soon take appropriate action to contain the situation.
“We are studying the situation [of fires] and if the measures we put in place are not sufficient, we will look for alternative measures,” President Lungu said.
He was speaking to journalists at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport yesterday shortly before he left for Livingstone where he went to grace the World Medical Association council meeting.
President Lungu said there is always enough room in the law to look for other measures if the current policing is not working.
There have been fires at private and public buildings in Lusaka, Central and Western provinces, with some of them being suspected to be acts of arson.
Mr Lungu reiterated his concern on arrival in Livingstone.
Speaking to journalists at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, he said there is need for every Zambian to maintain the peace that the country enjoys.
“It takes just one foolish act to ignite trouble and years or generations before the trouble can be put to rest. Don’t be swayed by these rabble-rouser,” he said.
“Please maintain peace, we need this peace. It takes just one foolish act to ignite trouble and it takes years before the trouble can be put to rest…so don’t be swayed by these ruble rousers. How can a person do such things and say they want leadership? Set a market ablaze; there are citizens, woman and man who are suffering day in day out to toil to find something to keep them going and you go and burn the market. Hoping people will rise against Edgar Lungu. Is that the politics we want to play?” President Lungu asked.

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