Mweemba, Defence Lawyer in treason case fears for his life

Keith Mweemba (centre)

Keith Mweemba one of the lawyers defending UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the treason case says his life is in danger.

Mweemba informed Magistrate Malumani when the case up today that there was a lot of intimidation. He said he needs to perform his duties without intimidation.

The Youthful lawyer disclosed that he has been trailed by some some people he suspects to be state agents in strange vehicles as though he is a criminal.

Mweemba said that yesterday whilst in the company of a Member of Parliament, he was being trailed by a white landcruiser.

He said just this morning after being trailed he had to go back to his office to jump on another vehicle.

“Even when I arrived at court access entering the court was a problem as officers were incorporative, ” submitted Mweemba.

Mweemba who says has since fled his house further said that he feels it is difficult for him to continue defending accused for the safety of his family. He however said he feels as lawyer he is duty bound to defend his client.

He says Zambia is a constitutional democracy and the Constitution has to be respected by all.

Mweemba said he would be launching a complaint to the Law Association of Zambia ( LAZ).

Another lawyer leading the defence team Vincent Malambo SC also complained of police intimidation. He said the police were even inside court creating unconducive environment.

In response Magistrate Malumani directed the police to leave the courtroom. He also stated that if those trailing lawyer Mweemba are identified the court will punish them as the act amount to contempt of court.

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