Chief Shakumbila distances himself from Chiefs calling for HH’s release

Chief Shakumbila (r)

Senior Chief Shakumbila of the Sala people of Lusaka and Central Provinces has distanced himself from a group of chiefs who recently issued a statement calling for the release of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Senior Chief Shakumbila has told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that he is not a partisan traditional leader but one who is development oriented.

He says he works with the government of the day and he cannot be part of chiefs who engage in politics.

Senior Chief Shakumbila says his name was erroneously added on the list of the Chiefs and he was not even aware of the press briefing as he was away in Zimbabwe at the time.

The traditional leader says he cannot involve himself in the arrest of Mr Hichilema because he has no information on the Mongu incident.

Senior Chief Shakumbila says the matter is a Police case and it should be left to the Police to handle it.

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