2021 elections doesn’t look good for PF

Mwaba Mutale writes:

The PF isn’t completely Safe. 2021 can go either way. Remember only 100,000 separate HH and EL. My honest and humble appeal to the PF is to get to work and stop focusing of small and trival matters or else they will kiss State House good bye.

Sounds like a joke and to some extent even annoying especially if you are the ones in power but frankly write off UPND at your own risk. The PF might not be as lucky as they was in 2016. The mantle and image of Micheal Sata is slowly fading. It’s time for the PF to stand on its two feet and prove themselves aside of the legacy of the cobra.

The only way to convince the electorate in 2021 will be through fostering proper developmental projects that will be visible to all and again across all areas of the country and in all the key major sectors (education, health, defense and security, energy, agriculture, homeland security, commerce and trade etc).

Job creation, promoting youth entrepreneurship, stopping loadshedding, making sure that we have food on the table and enough medicines in our hospital, lowering taxes, starting up new production industries as means of revenue for the government (not multiplying Tow Gates thinki you have income ), lowering corruption, This is what will keep the PF in power.

Fights with the opposition, stories of Mukula tree deals, funny contracts awarded to incompetent contractors, uneven development of roads and other infrastructure, high taxes and less money in the pockets of the working class will get the PF chucked out of power…frustration is very bad and people are starting to get frustrated.

Zambians are moving into a phase and era were they are seeing that tribalism and regionalism will get us nowhere. Many people’s eyes are slowly but surely opening. So a government has no assured votes anywhere. The only assured vote a government has is one that is a reward for hard work and dedication and service to the Nation.

The people in government still have time, use it wisely or it’s game over.

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