Stanbic backs 2017 Infrastructure Symposium

Stanbic Bank Zambia has welcomed the hosting of the 2017 Infrastructure Symposium on April 20 and 21, 2017, as a step in the right direction of strengthening and building a strong infrastructure base in the country.

The Stanbic-sponsored event, which is being organised by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development, is aimed at moving Zambia ‘Towards Smart and Resilient Infrastructure’.

“Infrastructure is vital to the growth of the economy and Zambia is at a stage where we cannot afford to be hindered by the lack of it. Zambia’s appetite for development is massive and growing, with a great many avenues and opportunities for economic and social growth and basic modern infrastructure is an essential component in the equation,” said Stanbic Chief Executive Charles Mudiwa.

Mudiwa further explained that in order to achieve the desired infrastructure development, a long-term strategy and deliberate and synchronised action from all stakeholders was needed, along with open communication and sharing of ideas.

He further noted that the platform provided by the Ministry would serve to tackle critical aspects in the sector that were crucial to its growth and development in the country.

“For close to 60 years now, Zambia has been home to us; we have been there for some of her most crucial developments in both the public and private spheres; both highs and lows, and we are determined to be there for her future progress. And as an integral part of the Zambian economy Stanbic is committed to working closely with stakeholders in driving this agenda,” said Mudiwa.

Stanbic remains committed to providing innovative financial solutions such as its Construction Banking service, and making tangible contributions to the Zambian economy through various investments in the different sectors.

“As an institution, Stanbic is a financier as well as a connector of both local and international investors with local businesses. We are looking forward to the introducing new banking solutions for various industry sectors to support local infrastructure development and economic activities,”

Stanbic has made significant investment financing projects in the local agriculture, infrastructure, and mining and energy sectors. Agriculture and agri-business has been one of the main focuses for the bank with US$155 million invested in the sector.

Stanbic has also been working with the Government as well as other stakeholders in the energy sector to alleviate the power crisis in the country in efforts to help foster conducive environments for production and industry growth; Over US$575 million has been sanctioned to finance projects aimed at alternative energy sources such as solar energy.

The Infrastructure Symposium 2017 is expected to draw industry experts from the different sectors and will consist of a two day symposium which will include a panel discussion with experts from the eight thematic areas triggering the subsequent sector; and a plenary discussion to address major issues and opportunities; as well as an exhibition showcasing equipment, materials, services, innovations related to industries and services, new knowledge and other practices.

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