Judgement: HH Taken To Remand Prison But Allowed To Be visited By Family

Judgement : the accused is intitled to medical facilities and services as this is a right . I therefore , grunt the accused rights to medical services and in case the accused has no personal doctors the state will provide .

Judgement 2 : Rights of an accused , the accused person has a right to seek legal represented and access to his lawyers any time he deems fit.

Judgement 3 : this by family , friends , supporters , I feel that the state agencies are justified to limit the numbers of pipo to see or visit the accused this is for security reasons.

I however will use my descretion to grunt that , family which is wife , children , and 5 other family members whose names must be submitted to the authority.

Judgement 4 : the Accused since he has appeared before my Court , is no longer a property of the Police as such can never be held from any other cell apart from the Lusaka cellectional facility remand prison .. to which he should be given access to all necessary things like mattress , food , water , blanket and any other the accused may need .

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