No Loss To Zambia If HH Dies – Lusambo

IF Hakainde Hichilema died today, there will be no loss to the country, says Bowman Lusambo.

Lusambo, the Copperbelt minister, has also warned UPND Copperbelt chairman Elisha Matambo that he will be sorted out if he continues to bring the name of President Edgar Lungu into disrepute.

Addressing journalists at his office in Ndola today, Lusambo said he hopes Hichilema, the UPND leader, had learnt lessons to respect President Lungu through his arrest.

” The UPND should not be shocked. This should be a turning point for UPND. If HH died today, there will be no loss to the country. It will be a loss to his family only. But if Edgar Lungu dies, it will be a loss to the country,” Lusambo said.

” Exhibit leadership to the people. Let them give solutions and give hope to the people. UPND just want to be controversial, but government is government. Let them resist bringing the name of President Lungu and undermine him. I want the doctors from Chainama to treat HH and UPND. They are suffering from mental disorders. Dr Chilufya (Health minister) should wake up and help the UPND. We don’t want to have mental disorder people in our communities.”

He said he was tapping into President Lungu’s leadership style.

” We now know that HH is now a born again person after this. We are tapping into President Edgar Lungu’s leadership style in everything we are doing now. We are an equiped team in the government of Edgar Lungu. We are equal to the task. The leadership of Edgar Lungu is unique. We are talking and walking development. That is why President Lungu is even now in Northern Province for national development,” Lusambo said.

He said President Lungu should not be accused of arresting Hichilema because he was not a police officer.

” President Lungu has nothing to do with this. The police are just doing their work without the hand of Edgar Lungu. We are lucky that we have a president who is tolerant. He is an honest president. Now the wife of HH says the President wants to kill HH. Who is more powerful and who is the Head of State now?The President is not a police officer. The police are just doing their job,” Lusambo claimed.

He further warned Matambo to desist from accusing President Lungu of having a hand in the arrest of Hichilema.

“Let me warn Matambo that we will deal with him. This is protecting the integrity of the country. HH is a fool who has multiplied in the country. We need to bring back sanity in the country as campaigns are over,” said Lusambo.

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