Milupi: Lungu Will Not Succeed In Removing HH From Politics

OPPOSITION ADD Leader Charles Milupi says PF would not succeed to forcefully remove HH from politics because Zambians were watching.

“Hakainde has been arrested more than 16 times but at no time has he ever refused a police call out. Why didn’t they just call him out if they think that he has committed an offense? They didn’t call him out, they went and destroyed his property and tear-gassed him. This is wrong and we know their plan. They want to slap him with treason so that they can get him away from politics. Zambian people must watch out because this is an assault to the independence that we fought for so hard for in 1991. This is a multi-party democracy. Mumbi Phiri says PF has the militia stronger than police that can protect the president, how can they have that militia? So we as must say no to this creeping dictatorship,” said Milupi.

And in a statement yesterday, UPP president Saviour Chishimba asked President Lungu to find it in his heart to release HH.
“We seize this opportunity to humbly appeal to the President of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to find it in his heart to prevail over the police and release Mr Hakainde Hichilema. Meanwhile, we propose the appointment of an independent commission to thoroughly investigate this matter because of conflict of interest – they are potential culprits as well,” stated Saviour.
And People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) president Andyford Banda, in a separate statement, said the midnight raid at HH’s house by police last night was unacceptable and illegal.
“We would like to request the Zambia Police Service to explain to the Zambian people which law they used to raid Mr. Hichilema’s house. Was the UPND Leader given a call out and he refused to appear at the police? Was there a rumour that he was about to escape the country?” asked Banda.
“Why was his house raided in a flying squad style where the doors to his house were broken down and his family terrorized? What prompted the police to teargas his house affecting not only his innocent wife and children but his neighbors too? What was the police’s business in cutting power to the residence of Mr. Hichilema? We thought the contract of electricity is between Mr. Hichilema and Zesco.”

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