Opposition Condemn HH Treason Charge

Former vice-president Nevers Mumba says charging UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema with treason is an illegality because it was police who did not perform their duties in Mongu.
And Peoples Party president Mike Mulongoti says there is no order in the country under President Edgar Lungu’s regime.
Meanwhile ADD President Charles Milupi says PF will not succeed to force HH out of politics.
The trio was speaking to journalists after police sealed off Lilayi Road yesterday.
“We want to assure the Zambians that the reason for which they have arrested president Hakainde is totally illegal because there is no law that allows the cops to arrest Mr Hakainde because he was on the same road with the President. They are using the clause of the Ambulance that when it is on the road people should move away from the way. First of all President Hakainde was not driving that vehicle and second of all there is no law that implicates him for being on the same road because he has got his rights, enshrined by the Constitution, of movement so he can be anywhere at any given time. If the President wants pass, the Police should come and do their job 20 minutes ahead,” said Mumba, who is also MMD president.

“I was vice-president myself and we have moved like that before, 20 minutes ahead the police have to do their job.It’s not Hakainde’s job to get himself out of the way. So this is an illegal case. We know that they want to take him to Mukobeko in Kabwe and charge him with treason but that is an illegality and it will hit them back into their head. We appeal to the Zambian people. We have allowed many things to go but this one shall not allow it to go because now they have gone too far.”
And Mulongoti observed that there was no order in government as there was no differentiation between the state and the party.
“One sad thing about the administration of the PF is that there is no order! You cannot tell the difference between the party and the government. You can find instructions coming from the party to government officers and more so the police have now made a confession that the police are unprofessional but forgetting that they are getting unprofessional instructions from the PF. And IG [Kakoma] Kanganja knows very well that he is supposed to protect the profession now at the end of the day he is being used. Now they are accusing him of being unprofessional. These are the same people we warned you about in the beginning that be careful and use your police in a normal way so that they can give service to the people of Zambia,” said Mulongoti.

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