Kapeso Orders Cops To Be On Alert After Near Riot In Choma Over HH Arrest

SOUTHERN Province police commissioner Bonny Kapeso says he has instructed officers to be on high alert after riots almost erupted in Choma following reports that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s house was surrounded by police last night.
Police officers used teargas to disperse several youths who started burning tyres in Choma, forcing many traders to abandon their businesses until calm returned.
And Kapeso, speaking on Byta FM later today, said he would not tolerate unruly behaviour in the province and people should not dare him.
Kapeso urged the youths to refrain from engaging in unruly behaviour because they would not like him if he changed from his “peaceful mood”.
He said he was a peace-loving man who believed in dialogue before he acts.
“…if they want to end up in hospital, they should dare me. I’m peaceful right now but they will not like me when I change from this peaceful mood. Everyone who wants to confront the police must be ready for admission in the hospital,” Kapeso said. “If they want to continue like this then we can’t wait to react…I want to be proactive. If they want to see how Kapeso reacts, they should go on the street. I just want to warn them.”
He said he had instructed his officers to deal with any lawbreakers by using minimum force which should be determined by the officer found in the situation.
“So far, I can confirm that no other area has reported any unruly or riotous behaviour apart from Choma. But I have put my officers from Mazabuka to Livingstone on full alert,” Kapeso said.
And Kapeso said a man identified as Malambo Mweemba was wanted by police for allegedly inciting the youths in the province.
Kapeso appealed to Mweemba to peacefully avail himself before the police to explain himself and to show that he had no ill intentions.
By press time, Choma town was peaceful.

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