Kabwe counsels HH

POWER Dynamos coach Dan Kabwe has given a stern verdict on Africa Cup winning defender HichaniHimoonde after sloppy display in the Charity Shield against Zesco United.
In a post-match interview Kabwe warned that there were a lot of players who were on the bench who could have played in his position.
“That’s a known fact we can’t even argue Hinoonde has to work hard we have got players who were on the bench. Had it not been for injuries from some of our defenders things would have been different,” Kabwe said.
Himoonde whose partnership with Stopilla Sunzu at the 2012 Africa Cup success was instrumental is returning to active football after a long absence and his lack of game time was evident in Power’s defeat on Thursday.
But Kabwe said the blame could not be lamped on Himoonde alone as the performance was a team effort.
“We can’t say we are putting the blame on Hichani. He started shaking it’s been a long time since he played football and he has to work hard to get to the standard but we can’t put the blame solely on one player,” he said.
Himoonde was replaced early in the second half by midfielder Benson Sakala who stabilised the defense.
He further said the future of the club was bright as evidenced of the display after making changes in the second half.
“The future is bright and I’m sure you saw after reorganisation how we played we will get in line and will be back on track,” Kabwe said.

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