Valentine Miracle Money! Zambian Prophet Dishes Out K100, 000 To Vendors

Lusaka Prophet Andrew CFM Popularly know as Seer 1 by his followers decided to show love to vendors on Valentine’s Day .

Seer 1 who was spotted in Chainda Compound in the early hours of today was seen distributing stacksĀ of money to different vendors and small business owners , the prophet who arrived in a classy Jeep was seen interacting with different vendors and small business owners before he opened the boot of his car and began to give out “Miracle” money to some of the vendors and small business owners who remained shocked after receiving k5000 kwacha each .

Seer 1 is said to have dished out over k100,000 kwacha to over 20 different people in chainda compound today an eye witness has told Tumfweko that the man of God Prayed for success and break through to all those who received the many today and wished them well in whatever they will choose to invest their money into.

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