Leave Us Out Of Your Failures, Mukuni Tells PF

THE PF is full of cowards and should not drag Southern Province traditional leaders into its agricultural failures, says chief Mukuni.
Chief Mukuni said it was sad that PF could drag traditional leaders into its inefficiencies.
On Tuesday, PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya accused traditional leaders in Southern Province of tampering with food security.
He alleged that some chiefs, headmen and women in the province were telling peasant farmers not to collect farming inputs, which the government was distributing, because they were late.
“We believe that food security is national security because hunger is a receipt for instability. Hungry people can pose a danger on society. Therefore, we strongly believe that traditional leaders who are discouraging peasant farmers in Southern Province from planting on grounds that it is late are not only compromising food security but also endangering national security as well,” said Bwalya.
“We are investigating the real motive by traditional leaders who are clearly trying to create a crisis regarding food security.”
But chief Mukuni said traditional leaders took care of thousands of lives and would not want to see anyone suffer.
“Frank Bwalya is a coward. If there is any group of people that has a large number of cowards, it is the PF. Why did he not mention the chiefs or headmen and women by name instead of just leaving the country to speculate? If I have a problem with President Edgar Lungu or any political leader, I should say so by mentioning names. We are and will always encourage our subjects to aim at returning this province back to its lost glory of being the nation’s food basket, so how can we stop them from collecting farming inputs? Let him concentrate on the PF and leave us out of the PF’s agricultural failures,” chief Mukuni said.
He said he was shocked that a group of farmers was made to spend nights outside the old district commissioner’s office in Livingstone near Anglican Church from Tuesday to Thursday just to try and collect farming inputs.
“These farmers were supposed to be in their fields and yet they are made to spend nights in the cold just trying to get inputs. Can Bwalya say he will refund them for any costs they have incurred? Let him shut up if he has nothing to say,” said chief Mukuni.

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