VJ Wants ConCourt Disbanded

Vernon MwaangaVeteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has not let up on his post-election grievances taking shots at the Constitutional Court.

Mwaanga, who backed losing United Party for National Development candidate Hakainde Hichilema, says the Constitutional Court should be disbanded.

He said the court that threw out the petition was comprised of incompetent judges that should be hounded out.

Mwaanga said the Constitutional Court had failed the people of Zambia and had yet to make any credible decision.

He said that the court was such a circus that they were even re-adjudicating matters that they had already ruled upon like the issue of ministers refunding the government money they used after parliament had been dissolved.

Mwaanga found favour with the UPND, a party that over the years had accused him of being the master rigger of elections but are now shunted in the same boat.

The UPND long held the notion that Mwaanga helped ‘rob’ the late Anderson Mazoka of victory in 2001 when Levy Mwanawasa emerged winner.

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