Respect President Lungu, PF Urges Opposition

The ruling Patriotic Front has warned the opposition political parties who are in a habit of accusing and insulting the president to stop and accord him the respect he deserves.
And the ruling party has challenged those who intercepted records of election results a day before President Lungu was declared winner of August polls to admit that they did something wrong and show remorse.
PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says those claiming that they did not do anything wrong should go to court and defend themselves before calling on the President to release them.
He says it is impossible for the president to release someone who hasn’t done anything wrong
Mr. Bwalya has reminded those asking president Lungu to pardon those who did criminal things related to the elections that the President has no right to command the police to release suspected criminals
And Mr. Bwalya says President Edgar Lungu has shown willingness and commitment in promoting peace even in the political sphere.

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