Pain of loss

fb_img_1476177212219 By Nakiwe Simpungwe

I know Angela . She is a  friend of mine. She calls me ba Matron ever since i was Matron at My best friend Martha Mukunis  wedding Martha was Angelas backing vocalist for many years.

I attended all of Angelas shows  . I love her talent . I knew her son. Am saddened at the death of this dear departed child.

Kuzwayo Mwana wanga . Kuzwayo nikukonda…kuzwayo..Kuzwayo Mwana wangu neo.

These are the words a proud mother sung for her beloved son in a song that shot to platinum and topped all chats on the Zambian scene for months.

You have a child . I have Children . We know how we love our kids . And we were all able to relate with  Angela’s love for Kuzwayo which she demonstrated in that song to the love that we all have for our children.

Today a young life has been lost. A beloved life . Cherished and adored by his parents and the community. Kuzwayo. A light has gone off.

We grieve with you Angela . We mourn your loss. We have all lost. An opportunity to watch a child realise his dreams .

We will grieve with you . We will hold your hand , we will pray with you . And we will hope that you will in time heal from the pain of this loss.

May God be with you. May he comfort you. May you feel his warm embrace because he is the only one that can truely provide you the requisite healing now.

Through all this, Angela , thank God. That you had a beautiful child. That you were able to raise a young gentlman who the community was proud of. Give thanks Angela for the awesome moments you had with your dear son . Those are the beautiful memories that you will carry with you through out your life.

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