Miles Sampa Writes To Rejoin PF, Asks For Forgiveness

To: The PF President, PF Secretary General(SG), Members of the Central Committee (MCC) and the PF General membership
REF: Rejoining PF

Today I woke up with deep reflection on my recent past. I realize that I went astray. From the date I lost my mentor and father figure, my actions have been irrational and superseded by emotions. I deeply regret it all and marks as a solid lesson.

Despite effort from some senior officials, there was a counter internal stronger force that led me away from a party which is home to me. I walked away from my bonafide political family and my conscience has not been clear since.

In all my past actions, I did not seek God’s intervention. I have since had divine and spiritual engagement with a number Pastors and other people of God who have helped me see my errors of which I take full responsibility.

As I return to where I belong, I neither seek nor expect any position or appointment. All I ask for is your forgiveness.

I further wish to apologize unreservedly to all that I may have injured directly or indirectly in the past or those that may disagree with my current decision. I only wish to be true to myself and to all.

God Bless All and Sincerely Yours,
Miles Sampa
Luke 15:11-32

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