Chishimba Kambwili and Nathan Chanda should reconcile, says Sunday Chanda

Chishimba Kambwili and Nathan Chanda should reconcile, says Sunday Chanda

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Information Committee member Sunday Chanda has urged Roan aspiring candidate Chishimba Kambwili to reconcile with Luanshya mayoral aspiring candidate Nathan Chanda.

Mr Chanda said the negative energy between the two PF members is not adding to the image of the party especially at such a crucial moment when the party must show unity of purpose and strength.

“We should always remember that we are family. Nobody said their will not be differences. As we all know, conflict is an outgrowth of diversity and how we respond to it is what makes it either negative or
positive, “Mr Chanda said.

He said the feud between Mr Kambwili and Mr Chanda has continued to make very sad reading. “I would have been more comfortable engaging our two brothers away from the public eye, but as it is, the matter is
in public domain”.

Mr Chanda said he has learnt and still learning that in politics you can disagree without becoming personally disagreeable. As we say in Bemba, ‘ifimuti ifipalamene tafibula kukwesana’ (trees next to each other will always rub against each other).

“We also say that ‘Umuto walupwa usendamafye, tawitika’ (family bonds can never be thrown away).
Mr Chanda said PF has a President whose decisions and judgement on all matters, irrespective, we are called upon to defend and protect.

“Some of us where not adopted as Parliamentary candidates but we understood that painful as that might have been, the decision of the highest organ of the party remains supreme.

“We went further and congratulated those who got the adoptions and to this day, we have continued to support their candidature because there is a bigger picture to all these decisions, “he said.

He said the two brothers from Luanshya can sit and resolve their differences in harmony and away from all the public forums.

Mr Chanda said there is neither a winner nor loser in this conflict except that it is taking away from the campaign, the party and an assault on the leadership of President Lungu.

He said, “We must always discern the body and our common heritage. We are one. There is therefore no difference that cannot be resolved, not even the one in question”.

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