Cop under probe for assaulting wife

Rae HamoongaBy DELPHINE ZULU -

POLICE in Lusaka have instituted investigations against a named police officer who assaulted his wife.
Police deputy spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga said in a statement yesterday that police had further instituted disciplinary proceedings against the said police officer for battering his wife in a suspected drunken stupor.
Mr Hamoonga has since reminded members of the public especially those that filmed the said incident to take extra measures by encouraging the victim to report the police officer to the police station than just ending at filming the incident and posting it on social media.
He said the woman was beaten in full view of members of the public and all they could do to help was to film her instead of stopping the fight and dragging the officer to the police station saying the fight against crime was not only the sole responsibility of the police.
The video of the assault shows a uniformed policeman hitting his wife with his fists while shouting in ci-Nyanja nizakupaya huule-I will kill you whore.The poor woman keeps shouting muzanipaya –you will kill me-while feebly trying to protect her face.
At the end of the video, the woman lies motionless on the ground as the police officer who looks repentant tries to lift her up but later walks away.
Meanwhile, Mr Hamoonga has revealed that police were waiting for the results of suspected poison substances found in the house of a named Lusaka step-mother that was allegedly used to drag her seven-year-old step daughter.