Politicians compromising the church-Bishop Mambo

Bishop John Mambo

Bishop John Mambo

Bishop John Mambo has observed that the continued invitation of politicians by some church leaders to their churches and the subsequent acceptance of gifts and exorbitant offerings as well as pledges has resulted in some churches being compromised.

Bishop Mambo says this makes it difficult for such churches to condemn such political parties when they are in the wrong.

He says he says the church has lost the position of being the ambassadors of God in society by allowing politicians to take over their church services.

Bishop Mambo who is also Civil Society Constitution Agenda Chairperson has told Q-news that the church should not be political dark money shops, but should help their followers and politicians to change their behavior towards one another in the political arena.

And Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Board Chairperson, Bishop David Masupa has observed that the church is being divided by what he has termed as selfish Church leaders who want to obtain financial gain by inviting politicians to speak on the pulpit.

Bishop Masupa has reminded church leaders that the church is made up of members who belong to different political parties, and that giving an opportunity to a politician to talk politics in church might not be well received by those who do not belong to the politician’s political party.

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