MPs challenged to advocate for PPPs in wildlife conservation

footeUnited States Ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote has challenged parliamentarians to advocate for increased funding and public private partnerships that will increase and promote national parks and wildlife preservation in the country.

Speaking when he officiated at an International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF) workshop for the Zambia Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (ZPCC), Mr. Foote said conserving and preserving national parks and wildlife requires huge funds and concerted efforts.

He says government alone cannot manage to fund and preserve wildlife and national parks as the process is expensive and complicated, hence the need for PPP engagements.

Mr. Foote says PPPs will provide the time and space to enable habitats of national parks and animal populations to recover, which will exponentially grow the tourism sector and related revenues.

He has noted with concern how some of the biggest national parks in the country such as the Kafue national parks are slowly depleting.

Mr Foote has also urged the ZPC Caucus to look at ways to create opportunitiesĀ  for sustainable game farmers and ranchers so that bush meat can not only be legally enjoyed in Zambia, but the international demand for the meat can also be looked at as a way of boosting the economy through exports.

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