Friends of Veteran Scribe and Philanthropist Djokotoe Send SOS for His Cancer Treatment

Veteran journalist and life coach (literally) Edem Djokotoe who has been off the literal limelight he enjoys most has been diagnosed with second grade colon cancer.

A teacher of many a scribe, Djokotoe finds himself in a position where his friends and students have to pick him up.

Djokotoe is currently in India where he is undergoing treatment in India but has his financial reserves weighing down.

Remembered fondly for his incisive skills during his Post Newspapers days as a trainer and columnist where his signature skills honed out Soul to Soul and Mind Over Matter columns.

Djokotoe also became part of the now defunct Bulletin and Record Magazine.

He is a Ghanaian who has lived in Zambia most of his adult life and has had many journalists pass through his hands.

Below is an appeal from friands and family of Djokotoe.


Edem Djokotoe is a journalist, writer, blogger, philanthropist and to us the best, husband, father and brother we could ask for. His bright, creative spirit has brought us quirky, humorous and relatable characters through his satirical newspaper columns and other media. Edem’s insightful and provocative commentaries through his blog, his love of jazz and his buoyant sense of humour have endeared him to so many people and we are all proud to call him our friend. Edem has always had a great community spirit and over the years has done his best to give back, particularly as an educator and advocate. His endless capacity for compassion and justice are very evident in his work to make sure the most vulnerable voices can be heard, especially children.

For eight months last year in 2017, Edem suffered and was misdiagnosed for a painful and chronic stomach infection. It took a colonoscopy and a biopsy to establish that he has stage two colon cancer. Given the limited treatment options in Zambia where he is resident, Edem and his family opted for him to seek treatment in India which started with five weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Edem supported by his lovely wife, Josephine, have faced this fight with courage, dignity and above all a wonderful sense of optimism. The treatments, however, have taken a toll on their finances which are quickly being depleted. Edem has a fair prognosis from the treatment, and at 58 years young, still has the potential to continue to be a vibrant part of his family and his community. However, this is dependent on his ability to sustain his treatment and he needs our help to do this.

Please join us in accomplishing this goal, by helping to us raise $30, 000 to cover the remaining costs of his treatment. Any amount will be deeply appreciated and we will keep you updated on Edem’s progress. Please label your contribution as “For Edem’s Treatment” so we can easily track and account for your support.

We also want to encourage you to get screened with a colonoscopy, especially once you turn 50 years in age. Colon cancer is highly treatable if detected early and we want to make sure that you and your loved ones stay healthy as you share the gift of your support for Edem and his family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Edem’s story, we cannot adequately express our gratitude for your help. We have included a link to Edem’s blog so you can get to know his work too.



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