FRA to Begin Maize Purchase at End of July- Katambo

Agriculture Minister, Michael katambo says the food reserve agency (FRA) will start buying maize at the end of July 2018.

Mr. Katambo has said in parliament that the agency is waiting for the maize moisture content to reach between 12 and 12.5%.

He says the FRA will announce the price at which it will purchase a 50kg bag of maize as soon as it is ready to start the purchasing of the commodity.

Mr. Katambo adds that it’s the food reserve agency that is mandated to come up with its maize purchase price and not the government.

The minister has also clarified that there is no such a thing as floor price as the FRA only comes up with its own maize purchase price.

He adds that the 2018/2019 marketing season has already commenced and that the private sector has already entered the market.

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