Chinese Investors Advised To Abide By Legal Frameworks

The Chinese government says it will not protect any Chinese law breakers in all of its areas of investment.

Speaking when he presented his credentials at the Comesa secretariat this morning, Chinese ambassador to Zambia who is also special representative of China to Comesa, Li Jie, says his country has benefited greatly from its investments overseas and its people are expected to abide by the legal framework in all its areas of investment.

Lately, a number of Chinese nationals in Zambia have found themselves at the wrong side of the law.

Mr. Jie says the Chinese government will not in any way protect law breaking Chinese citizens at the expense of potential investment areas.

Meanwhile Mr. Jie says the Chinese government attaches great importance to developing relations with African regional and sub-regional organizations.

And outgoing COMESA secretary generals Sindiso Ngwenya says COMESA countries and African countries in particular are happy with Chinese achievements and more specifically the high speed development of Africa-China cooperation.

Meanwhile Mr. Ngwenya has pledged to continue working with COMESA even after his tenure as SG comes to an end.

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