Times Journalists To Get 3 Months Pay

Unionised workers at Times Printpark in will only be paid their salaries at the end of June, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has announced.

This follows the announcement by the unionised workers that they will withdraw labour, demanding they be paid their three months salary arrears.

The unionised workers through the Zambia Union of Journalists complained that despite assurances from Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya, their salaries have not come prompting them to down tools.

But the Industrial Development Corporation which holds one hundred percent shareholding in Times Printpark in Ndola has noted that salaries will only be paid at the end of June.

“Staff at Times Printpak Zambia will be paid after resources are made available to IDC at the end of June. The resources will cover three (3) months’ salary arrears to alleviate pressure on the arrears,” IDC Group Chief Executive Officer Mateyo Kaluba, said.

He said that resources will be made available through a shareholder’s loan advanced to the Times Printpak Zambia and further urged staff to remain calm as a long-term solution is being looked into.

“We can only make payment after funds are available for IDC at the end of June, through a shareholder’s loan to Times Printpak. We therefore want to urge staff at Times Printpak Zambia to remain calm as we look for a long-term solution to sustain the company,” said Kaluba.

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