Of Police Officer, Rains And Traffic Control


In Journalism school, we were taught that a picture tells thousands words and true to those words, the picture of a Police officer, a woman for that matter controlling traffic in the midst of rains tells me many things.

Firstly, apart from the traffic section being ranked one of the most corrupt ‘free’ department of the Police security wings, yes, corrupt free if you know what I mean, there are still souls which go beyond their call of duty to render selfless service to the public.

Then there is this aspect of climate change which speaks to the public that it is no longer business as usual when Zambians knew the months for the rainy season.

But the picture also exposes our lack of interest in weather as we dress up to go for work or should we blame our Meteorological department for lack of pro-activeness to inform the public about the weather pattern for the day?
Don’t argue, like Diamond TV Zambia has a weather segment in its News Bulletin at 8 PM, I have been to countries where the Meteorological department is in the forefront of sponsoring weather bulletins and they do that every day.

But assuming that all the above was met, the question that begs an answer is WHY WAS the procurement OF UNIFORMS done without consideration for rain coats?

My humble appeal to the Police procurement department or is it the Ministry of Home Affairs is to include rain coats in the procurement of Police uniforms because whether rain or sun shine, Police officers are expected to perform their duties.

Assuming in the midst of rains, some criminals had attacked a bank and were helping themselves to cash, should Police sit back because they lack rain coats?

To the Lusaka City Council, can those who worked on the drainage system in the central business district of Lusaka go back as rainy water still cannot find itself away from the roads that is what the pictures are telling me.

To the Police officer, of course the Police command will say woman police officer, who braved the rains without a rain coat to control traffic, it is; bravo!*

*George Chomba is a seasoned Zambian journalists with extensive experience in covering political, economics and human interest stories.

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