Kitwe Cop Arrested For Aiding Notorious Tokota Gang

Charity Katanga

Police in Kitwe have arrested a member of the anti-robbery squad for allegedly aiding members of a notorious gang called the Tokota boys.

The officers have allegedly been tipping members of the gang to evade police pursuits.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed that the police officer whose name has been withheld has been tipping off members of the notorious gang.

Katanga said the strategy used by the named cop has made it difficult for her officers to corner members of the gang on the wanted list.

She said the police are still looking for more members of the gang to put a close to gangs in Kitwe and other parts of the Copperbelt.

Katanga said the police officer is alleged to have been working with the gang for reasons yet to be established.

“We have arrested a police officer under the anti robbery squad for suspected tipping off members of a notorious gang Tokota boys. You are aware that we are still searching for more members of this gang and as police we are not leaving anything to chance,” she said.

So far 19 members of the gang are in police custody including a driver who took them to some place where they beat up one of their own members.

Tokota boys have been terrorising residents of Ndeke township in Kitwe but their activities have gone beyond the township in the recent past.

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