NRP nominate Dr. Cosmo Mumba for Mayor by election

Lusaka (16:05.18) – The National Revolution Party (NRP) has asked it’s party president Dr. Cosmo Mumba to consider contesting the newly created vacancy in the office of the Lusaka Mayor.
NRP National Chairperson, of Taonga Zimba told journalists in Lusaka that her party will take part in the mayoral by election following the untimely death of the incumbent mayor of Lusaka, his Worship Wilson Kalumba.
According to Zimba, NRP want Dr. Mumba to be the party’s candidate for the vacant position.
“Following the announcement of the death of Mr. Kalumba, the party called an emergency national executive committee to select the possible candidate for the forth coming by election in Lusaka.”
She added that, Dr. Cosmo Mumba went unopposed and we have tasked the national secretary to make an official communication to Dr. Cosmo Mumba who unfortunately, was not in attendance during the deliberation at the national Secretariat in Lusaka.
Zimba is confident that Dr. Cosmo Mumba will scoope the vacant position in the office of Lusaka Mayor.
When contacted for a comment Dr. Cosmo Mumba could neither confirm nor deny.
Dr Cosmo Mumba said in a telephone interview that if the decision is coming from the national executive committee, he will have no option but to accept the appointment.
For now, Dr. Cosmo Mumba he will wait for an official communication from his party as suggested by the national chairperson.

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