Barclays Africa Group rebrands to ABSA Group Ltd

Mizinga-Melu-2014-624x573Barclays Africa Group has announced that it’s rebranding to ABSA Group Limited in all its operations across Africa including Zambia.

Announcing the development, Barclays bank Zambia managing director Mzinga melu says Barclays Africa undertook extensive research internally and externally in a process that included more than 130, 000 conversations with employees and stakeholders about the brand and strategy of the group.

Ms melu says the implementation of this decision necessitates that practical considerations and dynamics are take into consideration in each market so that it is as seamless as possible.

She states that the rebranding to Absa will be completely rolled out by 2020.

And ms melu says the bank intends to double its market share of banking revenue in Africa to 12 percent.

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