By Pastor Jasper Mutale

THERE are many religions in this world. There are many different kinds of teachings in this world too. A very small number of them teach that people must be born again. Jesus said very clearly in John 3:3-8 “you must be born again’’

Zambia, it is time to be saved! This teaching Church will show you clearly that religion is not enough. There are millions of church mem-bers who have not been born again. The same thing is true of people who are in churches that are not true churches.

You can be baptised and not be born again. Joining a church does not save you. Taking communion and giving money to the church does not make you a Christian.

In Zambia, many people who only know all the fact about the Gospel are members of churches. Many of them have never been really born again. It is necessary church to make the teach-ing of new birth clear because it is not possible to go to God’s country HEAVEN unless you are born again!

 The new birth is a teaching that comes from the Bible. The Lord Jesus and His followers said this very clearly. John 1:13 says that the new birth does not come through blood.

It does not come through our bodies. It does not come through what people desire. It comes through the work of God. John 3:3-8 says that a person cannot see God’s realm unless he is born again. He must be born of water and of the spir-it before he can enter God’s realm.

Human beings give birth to other human beings. The spirit gives spiritual birth. Jesus said we should not be surprised at this. He said that you must be born again! James 1:18 says that He gave us our new birth through the truth. 1 Peter 1:23 says that believers are born from seed that cannot die. The new life comes from the word of God.

 These verses teach that the new birth is really true. Zambia, it is time to be saved! There is a second birth that is different than the birth from your mother. This birth is from above, from God. It is a new birth in your spirit.

These verses Zambia, teach that everybody who is not a Christian is dead! Not dead in body, but dead spiritually (Ephesians 2:1, 5) such a per-son needs the new birth because he needs new life (1 john 5:12).

These verses Church teach that every person CAN be born again. They MUST be born again. Whatever your race, tribe, position or status, these verses teach that new life is possible for everyone. God is ready to give it to any person who asks for it. Any person can start life over again. This new life begins when Christ comes into your life.

 Salvation is here Zambia, and now is the time. These verses also tell us what Christianity is not. Christianity is not just a list of beliefs. Christianity is not just a list of things you should do and things you should not do. Zambia Christianity is not just being a good person or being pure. Christianity is not just about fighting for certain doctrines, most people like wasting time arguing about simple issues.

CHRISTIANITY MEANS THAT CHRIST IS OUR LIFE {Colossians 3:4}. The new birth means you receive new life. In John 10:10, Je-sus said that He came to give new life to you and me. WHAT ISTHE MEANING OF NEW BIRTH? Look again at John 1:13. Here we see what the new birth is not. The new birth is not of blood. The Jews were proud of their tribe, of their family, their forefathers. In John 8:39 they said that Abraham was their father.

Millions of Zambian today are still proud of their forefathers and their tribes. They think it gives them special rights. In this verse the Lord is saying, “You must be born again.” It does not matter what position you hold among the peo-ple. The new birth does not come through the human nature John 3:6 says that what is born of the flesh is flesh.

This means that only human beings are born from human people. Romans 8:8 says that a human being who is not a child of God cannot please God. The word “flesh” means a person who is not a Christian. He is not born again.

A person who is not a Christian can do many things in his own power. He may be able to: write many books but that does not make him a Christian. He may be able to be a good foot-baller but that does not make him a Christian.

This person can be a smart businessman who makes a lot of money or he can be good at mu-sic, but that does not make him a Christian. A person who is not a Christian cannot please God.

 The new birth is not by the will of man Zambia. This means that the new birth does not come from man but from God. No priest or pastor can save you. Baptism and communion cannot save you. Nothing that is given to you by a person can save you, nothing that any other person can do for you can save you. What the new birth does not mean, it is not just becoming a reli-gious person.

It is not your own power to change. It is not something you do, such as praying, giving money, becoming a member of the church. It is not some religious ceremony. It is not just changing the way you live.

What does really the new birth mean Zambia? It is the work of God in a person. That is why John 1:13 says “born of God” in 1 John 5:1 says that the person who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born (again) of God.

The new birth is not something we do for God it is what God does in us. It is a Resurrec-tion (John 3:6; 6:53; Romans 6:4; Ephesians 2:1,5) our spirit is born new! God brings to life what was dead in us. Ephesians 2:1 says that He has made you alive who were dead.

The new birth is a powerful act of God. It is the Holy Spirit making the person alive. The new person can understand the things the Holy Spirit teaches and know Christ, love Him and serve Him…The new birth! It is an act of making something new.

God creates a whole new life in the believer. The new birth is receiving God’s own life in you. By these promises you can have God’s own life in you (2Peter1:4) Life! Yes Zambia, the new birth is new life, it is completely new life. The believer shows this new life by the way he lives.

 Jesus said, “you must be born again” (John 3:3-7) why did He say this Zambia? Anything other than the new birth is not good enough. Religion without Christ or religion without the new birth takes away a person’s peace.

Without Christ you cannot know for sure that you are saved. In the new birth our sins are for-given. A man may change in his own power and live a better life, only the new birth makes a person know for sure that God has forgiven his sins and put them away (Hebrews 9:26)

Changing yourself just changes what is seen on the outside. Only the new birth changes the heart. Planting flowers around a dirty drain does not change the drain. Painting a building that is rotting cannot save the building. This means that it is dangerous to depend on anything else but the new birth.  Only the new birth considers the HOLINESS of God (Hebrews 12:14).  The new birth show that Christ died on the cross so that you can have eternal life. Christ demanded the new birth (John 3:3-8).

Nothing in the bible is written by accident. Christ chose Nicodemus to teach us that the new birth is necessary. He chose Nicodemus for a purpose.

Nicodemus was not a sinner like every other person. He was the best man Christ could find. He was educated and very religious,  Nicode-mus was a leader of the people for that reason people respected him very much and according to the people he was a perfect man and he had everything any person could have. Jesus said to this kind of man, “you must be born again.”

There are many marks that show a person is a Christian. The mark of OBEDIENCE (1John 2:3) the believer has a definite desire to obey the Lord and do His will.

Note Christ’s example in Philippians 2:5,8. The mark of SEPARATION (1 John 2:19} you may know that you are still living in this world but you are not part of what they do and think in this world, but  you are separated from the sys-tems of this world and its sins.

The mark of LOVE, when you were not a child of God, you used to hate but now there is Love! Praise the Lord! You now love the word of God, the lost souls. You now have the mark of NEW LIFE, meaning you have new friends; you now have peace and joy! All things are now new and the old lifestyle is passed away!

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