Man dragged to court to maintain his children


A MAN has been dragged to court in Lusaka by his former wife to maintain his children.

This is in a case in which Mary Chulu, 48, of Matero East compound sued her former husband, Moses Mwale 49 of Chiruru compound for children maintenance.

Chulu told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that they divorced with Mwale in 2004 and they have four children, one is married.

She explained that she sued Mwale because she wants him to be helping her pay the children’s school fees and provide food.

Chulu added that Mwale doesn’t see his children and that she wants the children to know where he is.

‘’Mwale doesn’t ask how children are and they just meet at their grandparents when they go to visit,’’ said Chulu.

In defence, Mwale said that he is married now and that since they divorced with Chulu the children go to his home adding that he gives them money to buy what they want.

He admitted not going to Chulu’s house because there is a man.

Passing judgment, the court ordered Mwale to be paying children maintenance fee of K400 per month and that he should be paying school fees including medication and clothes.

The court said that Mwale should have access to the children and that he should show love to them.

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