Kaizer Zulu denies buying plane


KAIZER Zulu has vehemently denied media reports suggesting that he has purchased a hawker 400A private jet which is allegedly parked at Lensia airport in South Africa saying he has never owned a plane in his life.

Social media yesterday was awash with pictures showing Mr. Zulu in the cockpit of an airbus with suggestions that it was the newly acquired private jet which he had purchased using dubiously acquired wealth. But speaking to the Daily Nation, Mr. Zulu said assertions that he owned a plane were totally misleading and that the pictures purported to be that of his private jet were fake.

“ Media reports suggesting that I have bought an airplane and the pictures that have taken rounds on social media suggesting the same are totally false, misleading, and only aimed at tarnishing my image because that is not true.

“Anyone who has knowledge about planes will agree with me that these two pictures depict two different types of planes. In the other picture, I was on the Airbus 380 while the other one is a hawker 400A jet. I have never bought a plane in my life and that story must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves because it is false,” Mr. Zulu said.

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