BUDDING gospel songstress Kabezya says she will widen her horizon this year by working on a DVD album release of most of her songs.

Speaking in an interview to share her resolutions for this year, Kabezya who recently released a new single called ‘Twaleta Amalumbo’ featuring Meme Mbuyu says she musically had a good year 2017 and she is now looking forward to spread her messages using various avenues.

Aware of the fact that music videos play a major role in spreading the word of God, Kabezya believes she will devote most of her time shooting a couple of more music videos that will be compiled in a DVD.

“I am planning to launch my DVD after shooting two or more videos to add to what I already have. If God allows this same year, I am hoping to finish my album and do an album launch together with the DVD launch,” she says, insisting that there will be a lot of work for her this year than ever before.

“I am also trying to collaborate with a number of artistes like Collins Makasa, Chifundo and many others so that I can feature them on my forthcoming album,” she says.

And Kabezya believes gospel music has continued to play a major role in helping people handle different situations. She said even in the worst times of cholera, people are encouraged to believe in God and use prayer to help them while they follow the basic hygiene practices employed to stop the disease.

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