Girl sues father for DNA test


THERE was drama in Lusaka court when a 22-year-old college student dragged her father to court demanding a DNA test because he claims she and her siblings are not his children.

This is in a case in which Mambepa Nakazwe of Chunga compound sued her father Eusto Sikazwe, 47, for A DNA test to establish paternity.

Nakazwe told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda, Pauline Newa and Ronnie Shafwensha at Matero Local Court that every time her father got drunk, he told her together with her siblings that they were not his children.

She explained that she and her three siblings including her twin sister wanted their father to tell them who their biological father was.

Nakazwe added that since 2008 Sikazwe doesn’t support them insisting they were his step-children.

“When my mother went for charcoal business Sikazwe brought different women and when we asked he would insult us,” said Nakazwe.

In defence, Sikazwe said that he also wanted a DNA test because when he married his wife, she told him that she had been raped and that they kept it as a secret so the twins were not his children.

He explained that the other child was also not his because when he went to work outside the country for three years he found his wife pregnant. Sikazwe said he had no doubt the last born child was his.

“The children beat me using sticks because my wife tells them to beat me whenever we differ and says that I am not their father. Sometimes they pour water on me,” said Sikazwe

Mr Sikazwe’s father Rodwell said when he came from the Copperbelt, he found Sikazwe with twins and the other child his son was telling the court lies.

Sikazwe’s wife said that all of the children belonged to Sikazwe adding that they even resembled him to which people in court agreed.

The court said Sikazwe should keep the children as his until the DNA test was done and admonished him saying it was wrong for him to bring different women home in the presence of children.

The court ordered that Nakazwe, her siblings and her father and mother to go for DNA test.

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