False claims killed MMD


FALSE allegations of corruption by frustrated politicians are what led to the downfall of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) when it was in power, MMD national youth coordinator, Gerald Chiluba has warned.

Mr Chiluba said that frustrated politicians were initiating the fall of government by in-fighting and instilling elements of destruction through their baseless allegations.

He noted that currently, there had been a lot of arguments with regards to corruption without supporting evidence from the so-called whistle blowers.

Mr Chiluba warned that false allegations of corruption by frustrated politicians were what led to the downfall of MMD when it was in power.

He said that ministers in MMD were alleged to be associated with corrupt practices but that no formal charge had ever been levelled against them.

“Allow me to take you back to the MMD regime. The two names MMD and corruption eventually became the talk of the day by the Zambian people. The ministers in MMD were alleged to be corrupt. The perception continued until the party was removed from government.

“Thereafter, most ministers were reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission for their alleged involvement in corrupt activities despite most ministers being accused of alleged corruption no formal charge has ever been levelled against them,” he said.

Mr Chiluba warned that frustrated politicians who instigated the downfall of MMD were up on their heels once again in the ato yet again preach rumours of corruption.

He noted that disgruntled individuals had been issuing allegations of corrupt practices by ministers to entice and push for a change of government.

Mr Chiluba pointed out that people voted out the MMD government because of the perception which was driven by emotional feelings that painted the party as being corrupt.

“Fortunate enough even after thorough investigations regarding the allegations of corruption, the courts found our former president and ministers are not guilty,” he said.

He wondered why whistle blowers had failed to pin point the exact corrupt activities in government they were claiming to have seen.

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