Today’s text messages

Kalaba and Kambwili will  remember PF


Surely this is total madness to think  Chishimba Kambwili or Harry Kalaba can lead this country. This is big illusion indeed. This is how people throw themselves into poverty, out of their own making. They will soon come back begging to PF.




Be firm on street vendors


Street vendors should be charged whenever they throw litter and garbage anyhow. Giving vaccine is money wastage. Government shouldn’t be so merciful, munyengelera vote? They gave you powers why can’t you impose laws that will help the next generation? Zambians are very vocal. They have ears but are deaf. They see and not observe and focused. I hate their conduct when it comes to health issues.

Timothy Lungu



All the best Chipolopolo


I would like to wish our national soccer team the very best  as they represent our country Zambia. Don’t be cheated by being told that we are building a team. You are a team which has already been built for that tournament so please win that trophy. All the best as we also make soccer bets on you, please make us rich also.

David Silishebo Mukupili


By-elections are costly


If only the PF party and those advocating for a by election can dig deeper into their pockets to finance the election, don’t you have a copy of the constitution that says when an election can be held, this was to stop. It seems  PF likes elections more than alleviating poverty.

Mubita Likando Mundia


Lusaka Mayor must wake up


I appeal to Lusaka Mayor to create new plans on how to run the City. The President and Ministry of Health have set up a good platform for you to do your homework and maintain the country well. Donations are being given, now it’s time to carry on with Clean Zambia Program. Yes the city master plan should be put in place. For instance, Zimbabwe has Churches, Bars, Hotels, lodges, Restaurants and townships with well-planned roads in their specific places. It is time to wake up bwana Wilson Kalumba.

Vincent Chiumya


PF, just work not those by-elections you want


There’s no need for by-elections in Bhati constituency. That is just too costly to the state treasury. The Patriotic Front shouldn’t be flexing their muscles to fight individuals but abject poverty and rampant corruption among government officials. By so doing they’ll win our favour. Moreover, Harry Kalaba hasn’t resigned as a PF member. So what is  Davis Mwila trying to prove?



 Zambia still lacks quality strikers


Let us learn from other continents especially Europe and South America. They excel in football because they don’t field prayers who don’t play well or score. You find that in Zambia a striker can go 10 games without a goal but still he is always on the starting-up line. Let these players learn to work hard its their job.

 Richard Mwewa


Time to start planting mukula trees


I have planted the seed of this lovely tree called Mukula and 6 have germinated. How I wish I had larger area where to plant. It is said that when you plant a fruit tree you do it for next generation and if the Ministry can lead us into planting these trees, it would go a long way in ensuring the same is available for the next generations.


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