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Possession of K2.4 million counterfeit notes by cops  shocking

Dear editor,

The police officers who were apprehended by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Lusaka’s Chelstone Township on Wednesday January 10, 2018 for being in possession of counterfeit notes is  shocking and a disappointment to the law enforcement profession. This is because the law enforcers should be exemplary in their conduct.

The three police officers were arrested when they attempted to transact in Chelstone. Sergeant Mambe is reported to be the one who carried the contraband of fake notes.

The main task of the police is to fight any form of criminal activity in our society by disgruntled elements. If the police can be involved in criminal activities such as the one recently committed, then how can we trust their integrity?

However, there is need for the general public to be wary about fake currencies in circulation to avoid being victims whenever they transact.

Over and above everything else, the cops should investigated and if found wanting prosecuted  for the offence. This will send the right signal that crime does not pay and that no one is above the law. Ultimately, this will deter the would be offenders. Justice should prevail in this foiled high profile crime.



Thank you Dr Chitalu Chilufya and team


Allow me space in your newspaper to thank the hard working team of Dr Chitalu Chilufya and Mr Vincent Mwale, the ministers of Health and Local government respectively.

Gentlemen, your hard work to combat this cholera outbreak is commendable. The battle is not over but we are surely on the right track with you gentlemen in the saddle.

It is clear that the President has got the right people in place to help him do this job.

Cholera is a deadly disease that is spread through water as well as by contact with contaminated surfaces. Through the public awareness programmes, we are learning a lot and even when the battle is over, this should continue. Lusaka today looks different and one can even get lost in the new city devoid of street vendors and garbage.

May I please remind you gentlemen that please do not relent. Let the street vendors be allocated space in designated places and not on the major roads of the CBD. Surely we have enough space in our markets to accommodate the vendors.

We should have a law that makes it illegal to buy from street vendors. If we do not encourage them, they will surely move to the markets. Most markets have remained empty because the people who should be occupying them are all on the street.

But streets have no toilets and therein lies the problem. Let traders be stationed where there are toilets and running water.

We have lost lives because we were careless as a nation. But this cleaning revolution should be permanent.

Bravo gentlemen. Concerned. Lusaka


Political  circus becoming ridiculous


Why is Chishimba Kambwili given so much air time to malign people on air waves.

The man without a neck has no depth to him. I am not sure about Harry Kalaba, but hopefully he will show more substance that this Mporokos villager.

Surely Ba Kambwili’s disrespect to the President is just exposing a for what he truly is, uncultured and ignorant and above all a very bitter and jealousy man. He behaves like a woman who finds out that the husband is a polygamist. He secrely wishes he was Lungu or his relative.

There is no other way of explaining his level of bitterness. How can a grown bring himself to the level of demeaning the President’s mother?. Why not confine his battle and bitterness to the President alone.

Who has insulted his mother if at all from those in government? Why does he feel the need to mention the President’s mother.

The obvious answer is that this man is empty and has no intellectual capacity to debate on any subject of value. His vocabulary is limited to shouting ‘corruption’ because he probably has an affinity for this.

He needs to explain more about his love affair with corruption.

Concerned. Lusaka

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